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Last Updated:
08 Feb 07

Cowpat Rally:

Another regular on the Empress MCC calendar...

Held at Hardstoft in Derbyshire by the Shoulder of Mutton MCC (Still going strong too...)

A very well organised rally where the site was absolutely superb... Cracking pub (The Shoulder of Mutton - what else..?) with restaurant and function suite, big car park and camping field right across the road...

The rally was best known for the games on the Saturday afternoon... Tug O' War of course and the obligatory cowpat throwing (NOT USA style - these were all too fresh..!)

Some badges: (years unknown, but all early '80s..)

And some photos, Courtesy of Ian & Gaynor Sharpen and Dave & Gill Luney (thanks..!)


Ian Sharpen has sent some photos from the year a Triumph Bonneville rider rode full chat into a Range Rover... (I'll NEVER forget that sound...!)  Put a crimp in everyone's day, not least his..!

Poor bastard practically ripped his head off and bled to death on the roadway with Bob Gordon trying to clear his severed windpipe...  I Never did find out the poor bugger's name...

His mate riding pillion already had a leg and arm in plaster and I remember him asking for his (now deceased) pal as they scooped him into an ambulance...

The cops were at the scene pretty sharpish and were needed more to protect the (innocent) Range-Rover driver than anything else...

There were more sober faces there than any other rally I've ever attended...!!  It really brought home the danger of what we all did for our daily pleasure... Thing was, by nightfall, the party was back in full swing and the rally seemed to have turned into a memorial for a fallen comrade...

Fickle buggers, bikers...!


Do you have more photos..? You know where to send 'em...



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