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Last Updated:
08 Feb 07

Nob-Rot Rally:

A good one this, somewhere down near Coventry...

This is the one where everyone set off down the M53 and onto the M56.  We all knew that we were heading for the West Midlands area...

For some (never satisfactorily explained) reason, when we reached the M6 junction(s), D.C. decided to head North... The rest of us headed South... He got as far as Preston before turning around and following us on from very far behind...


The guys from the Griffin MCC explained that their badge supplier had been so outraged by their request for badges with "Nob-Rot" emblazoned across them, that he refused to supply them... They negotiated a new design so as to have badges in time for the rally... Hence the "V.D." Design..!!

Highlights of this Rally...

  • D.C. making the wrong turn (about 50 miles wrong..!!)
  • My amoebic dysentery over the weekend (I walked about with a loo-roll stuffed in my jacket the whole weekend..!!)
  • The guy who thought his Goldwing was up for a spot of off-roading between the fields... Dumped it good style on the rocks and his Wing was "bleeding" milk from the fairing pocket the rest of the day... Bet that stank like hell when he got it home..!!
  • Good site with trad rally tent - very posh loos (although they were completely overwhelmed by late Saturday night, when I pulled some drink-soaked soul out of the dung-heap that had "magically" sprung up out of the bog... Saw him walking about on Sunday morning with shite plastered all up the side of his head..!!)
  • Waking up on Sunday morning with the mother of all hangovers and the arse-end of my tent afloat..!! (Never camp in a dip when it's raining..!!)

No photos from this rally... Too drunk to handle complex technology like a camera... If you've got photos..? You know where to send 'em...



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